Club Committee

The RVCRC Committee is a group of volunteer members who run the club on behalf of its members.  They meet at least 6 times per year, sometimes in person or, more recently, virtually, to discuss matters relating to the club and it’s membership.

The role of the Committee

The Management Committee is elected democratically by the Members of the Club at the AGM (Annual General Meeting).  The Committee effectively manages the business of the Club in line with the Constitution.

The Committee will:

  • Ensure the Club meets the needs of its Members,
  • Ensure the Club is accountable to its Members,
  • Draw on the expertise of its Members in making decisions,
  • Ensure that financial and other decisions are being made properly.

Specific responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • Set Policies for the Club,
  • Set the Club’s long-term objectives,
  • Decide whether to undertake new projects or activities;
  • Interpret and adapt policy when existing activities change;
  • Ensure there are proper procedures for monitoring and evaluating provision and use of activities,
  • Maintain democratic procedures and accountability,
  • Ensure the Club keeps accurate and comprehensible accounts,
  • Ensure all funds received for a specific purpose are spent as specified and itemised within the accounts.

The Current Committee

Karl Dalton

Chairman & General Secretary

Originally from North Manchester, Karl has been a keen cyclist from an early age following in his Dad’s pedal strokes who rode and raced for Middleton CC. His Dad’s love of cycling rubbed off onto Karl, who was gifted his first road bike in his early teens along with his brother. Cycling has always been […]

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Roy Pearson - Chairman

Roy Pearson

Vice Chairman

“I’ve been cycling since the age of 8yrs, and joined the Ribble Valley CRC at the age of 12 along with my brother Shaun. After a couple of years riding with the club, I started time trialling, 10miles & 25miles. Then from the age of 15/16yrs I started road racing. In 2002 I attained my […]

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Pam Piotrowska

Treasurer & Clothing Secretary

Pam joined the club in 2012, previously only cycling to get from A to B. After a few months of cycling progressively longer distances and a change of bike, she joined the club rides. She has been an active member ever since, leading Sunday C rides and enjoying the general camaraderie of club cycling. She […]

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Phil Harker

Membership Secretary with responsibility for Safeguarding

“I have always owned a bike, but as my knees aged cycling replaced jogging as my main from of exercise. I organise the rota of ride leaders for the C-Group rides and usually lead a ride each month. In the summer I join the Wednesday evening group for the ice-cream run to Bonds. I enjoy […]

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Ian Hodges - Communications Coordinator

Ian Hodges

Communications Coordinator

Ian is currently our Communications Coordinator, which means he helps to ensure information about the club is shared with the rest of the committee and the club’s general membership. Ian also helps run the PETTS events (Preston Evening Time Trial Series), which take place every Tuesday from April through to September, and he represents our […]

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Simon Myerscough

Time Trial Coordinator

Simon is your Time Trial coordinator. He began racing in 1986, aged 16, and has raced all fixed distances, 10m, 25m, 50m, 100m, marathon 12 hour event and lung-busting hill climbs! He helps to promote the Preston Evening Time Trials Series (PETTS) at Brock on the A6 on Tuesday nights – a great place for […]

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Rick Byers

General member

“My rebirth in cycling started around 10 years ago.  I had an old mountain bike in the shed, which never got used.  I finally started riding to work, and set myself a reward of a new bike, if I kept it up. I met my target and got a newer MTB.  The following year my […]

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Selina Hayes

General member

“My love for cycling began when I was given the opportunity to become a Breeze Champion during my time working in Sports Development. I spent the evenings leading rides for women who wanted to get back into cycling. My confidence increased and I started to use my bike to commute to work and the routes […]

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Gordon Strefford

Welfare Officer & Website Assistant

Gordon’s involvement in the club has increased steadily over recent years and now regularly turns out on a Sunday morning to lead C-Group rides. Gordon’s main interest is social riding where the objective is to enjoy the company of like-minded riders both on the road and at the cafe stops. Unil his retirement in 2019 […]

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Carl Williers

General Committee Member

My love of cycling began when I started watching it on TV. Ten years ago I got my first bike and I haven’t looked back. Since joining Ribble Valley I have achieved more than I could ever have imagined: the greatest being 160 miles in one day!

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