Place to Place Records

Current Place to Place Records

Route Distance Time (HH:MM:SS) Holder Date
Preston-Penrith-Preston 138 miles 06:42:16 George Nowland 19 June 2013

Trough of Bowland


44 miles 01:54:04 Martin Wallis 3rd August 2006








All other routes are awaiting results from any member wishing to take up the challenge!

The start point is the North Side traffic light on the A6 at the Withy Trees cross-section with Watling Street Road and the finish is immediately opposite heading South. All routes are ‘free’ routes but turning points must be adhered to. Turning points as follows:

  • Preston-Lancaster 1st major roundabout on A6, junction of A588
  • Preston-Harrogate-Preston 1st major roundabout on A59, junction of B6161
  • Preston-Settle-Preston Market Square in centre of Settle
  • Preston-Penrith-Preston 1st roundabout on A6, junction of A66
  • Preston-Trough of Bowland-Preston Circular route, either way acceptable

Any attempt at a Club Record must be witnessed by a third party and verified by a Club timekeeper.

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Historic Club Place to Place Records

It is difficult to compare the records set historically to times that a rider could now, as the routes and traffic conditions have changed significantly over the years.  The are the records set prior to the turning points being revised.

Route Distance Time (HH:MM:SS) Holder Date
Preston-Lancaster 22 miles 00:55:00
Preston-Harrogate-Preston 120 miles 06:30:00
Preston-Settle-Preston 72 miles 03:12:30 Peter Ward
Preston-Trough of Bowland-Preston 44 miles 01:58:53 David Mallinson




In order for modern day road and traffic conditions to be taken into account the Place to Place routes have now been revised.