Safeguarding – Child Protection – Riders under 18 years

A copy of the the club’s Safeguarding Policy can be found here. Please beware that the policy is not restricted to young persons; it also applies to vunerable adults.

Any persons under the age of 18 wishing to participate in club rides must provide a completed Parental Consent Form which may be downloaded from here

We apply the following restrictions on anyone under the age of 18 years who wishes to ride with the club.

If 14yrs ≤ Age < 16yrs

You must be either

(i) Accompanied by parent or guardian, or

(ii) Accompanied by a nominated adult (over 18rs), and provide a Parental Consent Form.

If 16yrs ≤ Age < 18yrs

You must either

(iii) Meets the conditions (i) or (ii) above, i.e. accompanied by an adult, or

(iv) If unaccompanied, provide a Parental Consent Form.

There are no restriction on someone joing a club ride if they are 18yrs or over.