We offer Spinning classes as part of our range of cycling disciplines.  Spinning is a perfect way to get fit, maintain fitness and have a good time!

Our sessions run from October to April at Preston College, with 14 bikes available in each session.

The course is taken by a qualified instructor who tailors the sessions specifically for cyclists and usually begins with some stamina training to build endurance, then about Christmas-time some strength training is gradually introduced, and finally the course finishes off with speed training.

The sessions very rarely repeat themselves and are usually tailored to suit the needs of the class.

Sessions last about an hour with a gentle warm up followed by working sets between rest periods and ends with a warm down and some gentle stretching.

Showers and changing are available at the College.

The sessions will start at 6.30pm. (The night of the week is changed each year dependant on Preston College)

These sessions are fully supported by the club and cost £3 per week.

There are often a number of places available, so if you are interested please contact Sue Harvey

If you have any questions regarding the Spinning sessions please contact Sue Harvey on 07949865530, via Facebook or email: harveygws@btinternet.com


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