Member Benefits

Apart from joining a great local cycling community to share your cycling experiences with, there are a number of benefits that membership of the Ribble Valley Club offers.

When joining the club you’ll be issued with a membership card attached to your membership payment reciept email. Printing this out will give you the chance of obtaining discounts in a number of places affiliated to the club. For the latest list of suppliers offering discounts go to the  Member Discounts page.

Club Affiliations

Ribble Valley CRC is affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling UK, Cycling Time Trials, North Lancashire Time Trials Association and Lancs & Lakes SPOCO time trials.  These affiliations give the club third party insurance to cover all our activities and allow us to have a say in the way cycling is organised and promoted nationally.  They also enable club members to take part in competitions organised by these bodies.

Also, any club member riding a time trial promoted by the club, such as the “hilly 19”, or the “annual club hill climb” will have their entry fee waived.

To read more about the club’s affiliations, please see our Affiliation page.

Club Social Events

Ribble Valley offers a social meeting every Monday evening at the “club house”,  with talks or events on the last Monday of the month. The club pays to hire the club room; refreshments are also provided by the club (tea, coffee and biscuits every week and a buffet supper when there is a talk).

To read more about the club’s Monday evening social meetings, please see our How to Find RVCRC page.

 Club Kit

The club produce club cycling kit in the club colours for members to wear in competitions or while out together with other members on organised club rides.

To read more about our club kit, please see our Club Clothing page.

 Club Events

All club events are subsidised, to make them more accessible for all our members.  This includes the Christmas “mince pie ride” (actually a meal), the Good Friday “hot cross bun ride” and the Ambleside weekend in October.  The club dinner, a great social event for all members, is also subsidised by the club.  Trophies and awards given at the dinner are all paid for out of club funds.

To read more about all the clubs events, please see the Events page & the Regular Events list.

Cycling UK Affiliate Membership

As Ribble Valley CRC are affiliated to Cycling UK, we can offer our members discounted Affiliate membership.  This gives a significant reduction in the annual cost compared to full Cycling UK membership.

Cycling UK Affiliated Membership for Individuals HeaderAs our CTC group is affiliated, you can be given a unique code to use to join online.  It costs just £26.00 for club members to take out individual Affiliated Membership which will provide 3rd Party Liability cover you cause any damage or injury while cycling.  This compares to the current full (adult) annual Cycling UK membership fee of £48.00 – that’s a saving of £22!

Individual Affiliated Membership also includes:

  • Discounts offered by a range of retailers including Cotswold Outdoor and YHA
  • An entertaining weekly e-newsletter, ‘CycleClips’, full of all the latest cycling news.

Please note that only full membership  provides access to the Cycling UK’s free legal advise claims service.

It is not compulsory for our members to join Cycling UK (or, alternatively, British Cycling), but we strongly recommend that you do.

For more information, please speak to one of our committee members.  They can advise you about the unique code to be used for joining the CTC online.

Racing Members

We are currently offering to refund the cost of a British Cycling Racing licence for those members who are regularly racing in Ribble Valley Cycling and Racing Club colours.  At the end of the racing season, members who have raced in 3 or more BC sanctioned events are eligable to claim the cost of the racing licence back from the club.  For more information, please speak to one of the Committee members.

We are currently working on similar benefits that can be offered to members that don’t race competitively, but do take part in cycling activities that the club could help support financially.  We will publidh more information as it becomes available, but in the meantime, why not visit the club social night to bring your suggestions to the the Club Committee?

Member Discounts

Don’t forget to visit our  Member Discounts page for exclusive discounts for members!