Message from the new Chairman

Hello All,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the newly elected Chairman of RVCRC. I am excited and looking forward to the challenges ahead of me in the role, especially around some of the topics I have written about below.

As we are celebrating our 70th Anniversary year, we reflect on how the club has evolved and changed throughout those years and additionally look forward in how we must again adapt to meet the changes that recent events, such as the pandemic have brought to us all.

There are some societal changes we must address, such as the fact not many younger people these days cycle and there is also the need to address the female minority members within our club. Traditional, cycling was male a dominated activity but as times have changed, we must embrace the needs of the ladies not only in the club currently, but also those who are looking for an organisation that supports their specific needs for such things as female only rides.

That is why as part of the new committee structure, we have appointed another female member (Selina Hayes) who additionally brings her wealth of experience and knowledge working in youth sports development with many local authorities, but additional female cycling. Selina will additionally hold the position of Female Ambassador for RVCRC.

As the committee starts our new tenure, we will be looking to welcome back past members who may want to consider re-joining the club, or additionally those of you on this group who are still yet to become part of the RVCRC family. We will be regularly posting updates on the club’s direction and changes, as well as traditional activities.

If you would like to know more, please contact us through the website.

Kindest Regards

Karl Dalton

Chairman RVCRC